Become a reseller

Discover the best way to earn money with the resale of EnergyIPTV

Did you know that more than 50 millions of people around the world use an IPTV service? Start your own IPTV business now and earn more than 10.000 € per month. All you need is your own IPTV panel, where you can set up access for your users. You can create accesses for all IPTV enabled devices such as Smart TV, Enigma, Andorid boxes, MAG 254 and much more. You have your own customers in the IPTV panel.

How does the IPTV Panel work?

When you become a reseller, you buy credits to upload your reseller panel.
The minimum amount is 300 € €. You can count on about 1 € = 1 Credit.
Depending on the payment method or larger deposits, larger bonuses are possible and you pay even less for each credit and thus increase your profit.

How does the reseller account work?

The reseller account is not limited in time. That said, if you buy a reseller account, it will not expire! The only important thing is your credits. Credits allow you to create accounts for users. For example, creating an 1 monthly account costs 5 credits. You can sell our service while you have credits. If you no longer have credits, you can add credits by re-ordering from us.

Costs in credits
24 hours test = free
1 month = 5 credits
3 months = 12 credits
6 months = 22 credits
12 months = 40 credits


Buy your desired number of credits and earn money today.

SUPER OFFER: When paying with Bitcoin, there are another 20% extra credits.

Reseller 300
  • 300 credits
  • 300 credits
  • PayPal payment on request
Reseller 500
  • 550 credits
  • Forum Private Reseller Area
  • PayPal payment on request
Reseller 1000
  • 1200 credits
  • Forum Private Reseller Area
  • PayPal payment on request