Internet providers block IPTV services

We would like to inform our customers and interested parties that, due to the current corona crisis, some Internet providers (ISP) have blocked certain IP addresses in their system. The German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) are locked not affected. In order to avoid the blockage, the DNS address must be changed in the router / modem. If this did not help, we recommend using a VPN service that sets the IP address to a different location.

Change DNS on the Fritz! Box

  1. Open the Fritz! Box in the internet browser and log in. URL:
  2. Now go to the tab "Internet"-"access data"-"DNS server"
  3. Select the option "Use other DNSv4 servers"
  4. Enter the following data:
    1. Preferred DNSv4 server:
    2. Alternative DNSv4 server:
  5. Press the "Apply" button. This saves the settings

Change DNS to D-Link router.

  1. Log in to your D-Link router. Use the following URL:
  2. Now go to the "Internet Options" on the left side
  3. Select the "Setup" option in the top bar
  4. Find the dynamic IP (DHCP) - "Internet connection type" and add the following data as the primary DNS server:
    1. Primary DNSv4 server:
    2. Secondary DNSv4 server:
  5. Now press "Save" to make the setting.

Change DNS on NetGear router.

  1. Log in to your NetGear router. Use the following URL for this: or
  2. Go to the Internet options.
  3. Enter the following data in the DNS server setting:
    1. Primary DNSv4 server:
    2. Secondary DNSv4 server:
  4. Now press "Apply" to make the change.


Install a VPN service that offers a dedicated IP address to alternatively bypass the block. We recommend using NordVPN. The provider NordVPN has been at the top of the VPN providers for years. With the help of NordVPN you can surf the internet securely and anonymously, as well as bypassing the internet provider. When using a VPN in connection with IPTV, care should be taken that a dedicated IP address is used, as otherwise access may be blocked.

Here is the NordVPN offer of 70%: